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Blog/5 Quick Tips to Stay Away From Negative Energy

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5 Quick Tips to Stay Away From Negative Energy

5 Quick Tips to Stay Away From Negative Energy

To be your best self, all starts with YOUR actions. What you surround yourself with, what you do in a day, what you eat, and so many more variables. All of these choices we make every minute of every day. With that being said, you control what you expose yourself too. There is negative energy all around us on an hourly basis. From the media outlets, to stories we hear, through people we associate yourself with. How can you avoid these energies and eventually positively effect your mental health? Here are a few tips:​

  1. Limit yourself to Social Media. Put a limit of how much you can go on social media. Put this limit to at least 75% less than how much you are active on social media now.
  2. Mute or un-follow the people or businesses that seem to bother you. There is no shame in muting people that bring you negativity. This could be for any reason at all! This is a huge help!
  3. If someone you are texting with or in a group thread with is talking badly about someone, exit the conversation or politely change the subject. This will keep your side of the street clean, and more importantly staying away from the bad energy.
  4. Brainwash yourself from complaining. As soon as you start complaining about something in your life, refer back to something that will put your life in perspective. This could be by saying to yourself "I am healthy today", " My family loves me", "I found my soul mate". Whatever helps you put your life in perspective.
  5. Putting out positive energies in the world, typically returns positive energy. Be the positive person in your family or group of friends. By doing this, naturally more positive will come your way.