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You Help Feed Another Family In Need

For Every Meal Order You Place With Us,

Feeding Hungry Children, Families, Local Community

Members and Hard-Working First Responders

While we’re deeply passionate about the fully prepared healthy, tasty and nutritious meals we create and offer here at Nutre Meal Plans, we’re also very excited to give back to those in need. When it comes to the staggering statistics on hunger and even food waste on a global scale, it’s truly eye-opening.

Feeding Hungry Children, Families, Local Community

1/3 of all food produced for human consumption in the world, every single year, is either lost or wasted. This amounts to over 1.3 billion tons of food that’s never consumed.

Households with children are far more likely to experience food insecurity. It’s been shown that more than 10-13 million children currently live within food-insecure households.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 10.5% of all U.S. households experienced food insecurity at some time during 2019 (before the pandemic). This amounts to more than 35 million Americans.

Here at Nutre Meal Plans, we knew we simply couldn’t ignore these kinds of statistics.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to not only help eliminate food waste, but also help feed local families in need at the same time.

two children hugging
Citizens Inn Logo

We’re Excited to Have Partnered With Citizens Inn + Haven from Hunger

In order to make our mission possible, we’ve proudly partnered with Citizens Inn/Haven from Hunger to donate at least 1 full meal, every week, for every order placed with us. This should translate to hundreds, if not thousands, of fresh and nutritious meals that will go out to feed families who need them the very most.

This means that for every order you place with us, you not only become part of the Nutre family, but you’ll also be helping to put food in the mouths of those who are hungry or come from food-insecure households. To put it more simply, you’ll be giving back to others in a very big, and life-changing way.

Thanks to our many loyal customers, we’re extremely proud and grateful to be able to support these local and amazing charities (and non-profit organizations) that help feed local children, families and community members in need. And most of all, do it in a way that allows them to live a much happier and healthier life. So far, we’ve donated over 150,000+ meals to children, families, local community members, and hard-working first responders!

Our Bold Commitment to Sustainability While Also Protecting Mother Earth

Besides offering amazing meal plans for you to choose from, and giving back to those in need, we also believe in eliminating waste in the world. Our industry-leading commitment to on-going sustainability and protecting the environment is something you can be very proud of when you place your order with us here at Nutre Meal Plans.

Here’s just a few of the ways we’re making a positive impact when it comes to sustainability, reducing waste, and protecting Mother Earth herself…

We Only Use Reusable Bags, Icepacks, + Biodegradable Containers

We’re Committed to Sourcing Through Local Farms for Produce and Proteins

Our “One Delivery” System Reduces Carbon Emissions + Fuel Waste

All ‘Over Stocked’ Perishable Inventory is Donated Weekly to Eliminate 100% Food Waste