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Blog/Fact Vs Fiction: Crunches are the Key to Flat Abs?

Fact vs Fiction


Fact Vs Fiction: Crunches are the Key to Flat Abs?

Fact Vs Fiction: Crunches are the Key to Flat Abs?

Who doesn’t love a healthy and fit body? Not only does it shed light on your healthy habits but the shapely physique is attractive too. With so much to gain from a fit body, it’s no surprise that people are striving to get the best summer body they can get.

In this quest for a perfect body, many people are misled and by their own hands. There are numerous myths pertaining to fitness regime, diets and lifting. Most people believe them and this simple mistake can end up causing them some major problems.

And one of those myths is about crunches. They are after all the most iconic abdominal exercise but even they aren’t immune to some false claims. There is a rumor around town that crunches are the key to flat abs and sadly many people have taken it to heart.

All you have to do is step in a gym and you’ll see a couple of people hard at it, doing crunches until they run out of air. That isn’t going to amount to much if their fat content is high. So let’s see why crunches aren’t as magical as some people claim it to be. We’ll also take some expert advice to clear the matter once and for all.

Not a Calorie Furnace

Despite the admission that crunches are one of the best abdominal exercises ever developed, there’s little evidence to their effectiveness in providing flat abs. The biggest reason behind this is their inability to burn off a lot of calories. This statement was recorded by Wayne Westcott, a professor of exercise science at Quincy College in Quincy, Mass. And he’s not the only one to think so.


Instead of a belly fat burner that people claim them to be, crunches are more of a toner. The exercise aims to tone a small part of your stomach but that isn’t going to develop into 6 packs anytime soon. As long as you have a belly fat overtop, the poor crunches won’t be able to break through to make any difference.

Many people invest their time and energy in the exercise thinking it’ll be the perfect way to get a toned summer body. Sorry to burst that bubble but that myth has just been debunked. If you do want to decrease that waistline, a healthy diet and some calorie burning exercises are the only hope. Crunches can strengthen your core but for some calorie burning, you’ll be better off doing planks and bridges.

There’s no harm in doing crunches but if you want a flat belly, it’s better to switch over to another fitness regime. So stay in shape and keep living the healthy life!

Stay fit my friends…