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Blog/Facts Vs Fiction behind Whey Protein

Fact vs Fiction

Facts Vs Fiction behind Whey Protein


When people are looking to either gain muscle, maintain muscle, or lose weight, a lot has to do with protein intake. For most individuals looking to put on muscle mass they turn to protein supplements, such as whey protein. Is whey protein the best alternative? Certain people will say that you should avoid whey all together. On the other hand, some think that in the right doses whey could definitely provide a valuable asset to any workout regime. Before going out and investing in your next container of whey protein here are some things to consider.

So what exactly are some truths about Whey? Whey is actually one of the two protein components from dairy, and it will in fact help build muscle. Whey is filled with branch-chained amino acids otherwise known as BCAAS. Our body needs these components in order to build muscle. However, we are unable to produce this amino-acid ourselves so the use of whey-protein can be vital when wanting to increase muscle mass. When using whey protein for weight-loss, it is super important to remember that exercise and a calorie-deficit diet is a necessity as well. Whey alone will not help along the weight-loss process. If weight-loss is the goal, then the combination of exercise, whey, and a calorie-deficit diet are crucial.

There are some false proponents commonly associated to whey as well. A lot of fitness guru’s out there will tell you that cooking with whey denatures it. However, this assumption is false. When you cook with whey protein, the protein content remains constant throughout the process. Additionally, it could be a great way to get more protein into your diet as well. A lot of endurance athletes hold the belief that they should ignore whey because it is just for body builders. When you are out running and burning lots of calories, your body needs help recovering. Whey protein can be essential to rebuilding that muscle. A lot of these individuals do not end up meeting their necessary protein intake because of all the endurance training, so an extra protein shake would in fact help

It is important to remember that if you decide to use a protein supplement it should be used in addition to eating the correct amount calories and protein for your currently planned diet. Whey protein should not be used as a substitute for a meal. In fact, whey protein should be used in addition to the correct amount of calories needed and to help an individual reached a desired protein intake.