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Blog/How Late is too late to eat?


Tips and Tricks!

How Late is too late to eat?


We’ve all been there, craving something before going to sleep and indulging in that guilty pleasure treat. You ask yourself, is it that bad? Keep reading to find out.

There is no hard and fast rule for optimal eating habits but it is recommended to eat primarily inthe beginning of the day instead of later in the day. The reason for this is because the body isnaturally less active later in the day which can increase the likelihood of calories being stored as fat instead of being burned. While there are different approaches to steering clear of the late-night calories, some recommendations are to eat from 8am to 8pm and allow the 12 hours in between for the body to digest. Another method is to eat 3 hours before going to sleep to have that full feeling but also to allow time to digest the food.

What do you do if those hunger pangs do hit late at night? Don’t stress! The important thing to consider is not so much the time of consumption as much as the type of consumption. If you find yourself looking for something late at night, be mindful of what you choose. Dieticians recommend eating a small, nutrient rich snack under 200 calories.

Try some of these ideas:

* bananas with almond butter

* protein smoothie

* nuts

* crackers & cheese

* berries

* plain yogurt

It’s so important to be careful and mindful of how we are feeding our bodies. Try to implement some of these things tips into your life to avoid another late-night binge.