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Blog/How Nutre Meal Plans will save your wallet

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How Nutre Meal Plans will save your wallet

How Nutre Meal Plans will save your wallet

The question of all questions have been answered. Does meal prep actually save you money? Obviously there is no clear cut answer to this because each person has different spending habits, jobs, lifestyles etc. HOWEVER, our studies show that the answer is YES.

Waste: Why are Americans throwing away 6 billion pounds of food every month? Three of the biggest reasons are 1) cosmetic standards that demand that fruits and vegetables are free of blemishes, spots or wrinkles; 2) overstocking and over-purchasing, and 3) confusion about sell-by and expiration dates. With meal prep, there is NO waste.

Cost/ meal- Meal Prep you can purchase gourmet items such as bison burgers for 7–10$/ meal which is a steal & healthy meals.

How many times per week do you go to chipotle or subway and rack up a 12–14$ lunch ? Doing that, you have to leave work, eat not healthy food, and spend more money on the meal than you would with meal prep.

Once you go meal prep, you never go back……

Save money my friends…