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Blog/How Nutre Works? Quick Overview on how to order!

Tips and Tricks!

How Nutre Works? Quick Overview on how to order!

How Nutre Works? Quick Overview on how to order!

If you have have been taking a look into using our and have some questions on how it works and how to order, here is a quick instructional guide on how to get started

How to order:

  1. First things first, pick one of the 3 menu options: Balanced, Weight Loss, or View All. If you do not have a preference, please click the "view all" menu. If you click the balanced or weight loss menu, that will filter the menu options just for those tags!
  2. Pick your pack size: 5 , 10, 15, 20. After choosing the pack size, you can add snacks, chose large portion sizes etc. The pack size you order is based off your needs and schedule. (15 meal pack size being the most popular)
  3. Add the meals to your cart to fill your pack size. Example: If you chose 5 meal pack size, you add 5 meals to your cart.
  4. Next page is you have the option to chose Snacks or grocery items. Multiple choices from beverages, handmade sweets, nuts, cheese, and apples.
  5. Next page you create your account with your email and password of your chosing
  6. chose your delivery options: Home delivery, or chose one of our 60+ pick up locations at a discounted rate (Mondays only).
  7. Pay and check out! (If you have a promo code, this applies at this step)
  8. Delivery day is based off of your zip code! We hand deliver a 60 mile radius of Peabody, MA on Sundays. We use UPS shipment to ship anywhere else in the Northeast for Tuesday/Wednesday Arrival.

Other questions that people have:

  1. Does the menu rotate or stay the same? The menu rotates each week! Each Thursday morning the menu will rotate 1/2 of the menu, while the other 1/2 of the menu remains the same.
  2. If I order today, when will I receive my food? Our ordering process runs in week format. Meaning , the week starts from Thursday and ordering deadline ends on Wednesday at 11:59 PM (When the payments get processed). If you order before Wednesday at 11:59 PM you will receive the meals the coming weekend. Example: If you order on Wednesday January 15th, you will receive your meals on Sunday January 19th. Example 2: If you order on Saturday January 18th, you will receive your meals January 26th because you are on the new week with the new menu
  3. Can I order without being locked in a weekly payment schedule? The technical answer is no, HOWEVER, we are very transparent with our ordering process. After your first order, you have until Thursday-Wednesday at 11:59 PM to edit your meals, skip or cancel! We also send email and text notifications to remind each client to ensure transparency!
  4. Can I skip Multiple weeks at a time? Yes, you can go into your account and skip up to 4 weeks at a time!
  5. Does the chef pick my meals for me every week, or can I chose my own meals? Nutre defaults your meals based off of your first order, BUT you can edit your meals in your account before Wednesday at 11:59 PM. We recommenced you to edit your meals each week based off your liking!
  6. If I receive a hand delivered Re-Usable bag, how do I return it? Each Sunday you place your bag outside with the ice packs inside, and the Nutre driver will replace the old bag with a new bag with new meals.
  7. What happens if I cancel and still have my re-usable Nutre bag? You must schedule a bag pick up ! Emailing the [email protected], and from there we will schedule a Nutre driver to come pick up the bag on Sundays!