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Blog/How To Edit Your Meals

Tips and Tricks!

How To Edit Your Meals

Nutre delivery bag with meals

Our menu is constantly changing, as well as your lifestyle and needs. Nutré offers different meals based on your goals and expectations that you wish to obtain from your subscription. We encourage you all to switch up your meals and try something new from our sustainable menu. Here is how to

edit your meals. PS- Deadlines to edit your meals is Wednesday at 11:59 PM 

First, you need to log in to your Nutré account and click the “Edit Meals” tab in the dropdown under YOUR name.

After clicking the “Edit Meals” tab in the dropdown, you will then see the meals you previously ordered on the right side as well as the size of your pack.

You will then see a minus and plus symbol as well as the quantity of each menu option you selected.

Next, you will click the minus button to either remove that meal from your pack or reduce the quantity of that meal. 

You then see your meal list say “Please add 1 meal to continue.” 

To the left, the menu will be displayed and you will have the option to select whichever meal you wish.

Once your meal has been selected, you will see it appear in your meal cart.

Next, you will click the “Save Changes'' button on the bottom of your meal list below the total. To know that you did this correctly, you will receive a confirmation email of the changes.

A pop up will appear saying “Upcoming Order Updated”, then you can view your new order by clicking the “My Order” button.


If any further questions arise or this blog does not alleviate your concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us which can be found under the contact tab on the home page. You will receive an automated email when saving the changes of your menu that you chose!