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blog/How to opt out of reusable bag process

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How to opt out of reusable bag process

All of our freshly prepared meals come in special Nutré bags that are insulated to keep your meals fresh throughout the delivery process. We understand that these bags may get tricky because we ask that you leave them out on Sunday mornings before your next order comes so our delivery drivers can take them. Some of you may live in an apartment building that makes leaving bags out complicated or you just find yourself forgetting. We know you are busy and want to keep this process as simple for you as possible, so we offer an option to “opt out of Nutré bags.”

First, you need to log in to your Nutré account and click the “Manage Subscription” tab in the dropdown under YOUR name.

After clicking the “Manage Subscription” tab in the dropdown, you will then see the option to “opt out of the re-usable bag program”

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You will see the option to either click Yes or No, and if you’re receiving your meals in the Nutré bags, it should say No. 

If you wish to “opt out of the re-usable bag program” you will click “yes”

You will then receive your meals in cardboard boxes for all of your future orders. 

If any further questions arise or this blog does not alleviate your concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us which can be found under the contact tab on the home page. Also You will receive an automated email when saving the changes of your menu that you chose!