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Blog/How To Prevent Weight Gain around Holidays



How To Prevent Weight Gain around Holidays


The holiday season is a busy and happy time but can be a stressful time for those watching their weight and trying to stick to goals. With some preparation, you can enjoy the holiday season without feeling guilty! Here are some tips for preventing weight gain throughout the holiday season:

Plan ahead – while the holiday season may tempt you to ditch your goals, plan ahead by making some changes to your diet like cutting out sugar or reducing carbs.

Eat throughout the day – believe it or not, eating more on a holiday can actually help you eat less. By eating a hearty breakfast and having a light lunch you will be partially fed and less likely to binge. 

Stay hydrated – we often mistake dehydration for hunger so it’s extremely important to have plenty of water. 

Be smart about alcohol – alcohol is known to increase appetite and weight gain so be mindful in choosing your drinks.

Use a smaller plate – this may sound silly but using a smaller sized plate can be helpful in managing portions. 

Choose carbs wisely – opt for more vegetables and grains instead of breads, crackers and pastries. 

Be picky with sweets – nobody wants to skip dessert but that doesn’t mean you need to try them all. Choose your favorites and enjoy them, but be careful to not be mindlessly eating sweet treats. 

Incorporate exercise – exercise is crucial during the holidays. If you can’t stick to your diet make sure to stick to your workouts. You can even try incorporating it into the festivities by going on a family walk or playing your favorite sport. 

Allow yourself to enjoy it – holidays are for enjoying time with family and friends. While sticking to goals is important, cut yourself some slack and be prepared to make a couple of exceptions.