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Blog/How to stay on-track of your New Years Resolution !

Tips and Tricks!

How to stay on-track of your New Years Resolution !

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Almost everyone in the world are making new year's resolutions. Entrepreuners.com show that only 9.2 percent of people follow through with their new year's resolutions. From lack of motivation, not having the resources, or just losing interest we must find a way to make 2019 your year to accomplish our goals.

One thing we must remember is that change will never happen overnight. It is important to make our goals achievable. In order to stay consistent you must stay away from crash diets and excessive diet plans. For example, you could start with a simple goal of making it to the gym three times a week. After reaching your goal you could add another day every week.

Make the process enjoyable- Shape.com explains that exercising with a friend, or participate in a sport you love, or even join a group exercise class will push you to get into shape. 

The new years news reported by the second week of february, 80% of those set the resolutions have fallen off the bandwagon and given up.

Stay consistent- Thrive global states that if you are not consistent with your goals you will not see the progress you hope for. If you put in the work you will see the results, even if it takes time. You want to make your goals a habit.

How to stay motivated- Take progress photos every week. When you are feeling like you want to give up seeing that you have made progress can keep you motivated. 

In her book "How to Get Sh*t Done," lifestyle coach Erin Falconer says using the word "should" is a bad idea, because it is often associated with guilt, shame and an "absence of decision."

Erin Falconer insists in order to keep yourself motivated it is important to stay away from words that commit you to doing something. You want to do these things for yourself rather than forcing yourself into it. 

Write your goals down- Shape.com explains by keeping a journal with the workouts you completed during the week can be beneficial. Record the workouts you did, the number of repetitions, and how much weight you used. This way you make it a goal to do better than the week before.

Use these tips to make 2019 your year to achieve your goals!