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Blog/How Your Diet Affects Your Mood


How Your Diet Affects Your Mood

If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, this is it…

It’s no secret that what we eat impacts our mood. Studies even confirm the strong correlation between diet and mood, with some extreme cases of poor diet linked to depression. Through these discoveries, health professionals have encouraged us to think of our bodies like a car and the food we eat to be fuel; what we put in is what we get in return. 

One of the most important factors in fueling your body is consistency. Our bodies like structure and routine so implementing a schedule of eating regular meals can stabilize our moods throughout the day. It’s important to incorporate snacks into this schedule as well, as going too long without food can cause blood sugar to dip and negatively impact your mood.

Not only is it important to feed our bodies consistently, but also with healthy foods. Our bodies function best when they are fed well. Foods high in sugar and refined carbs can boost energy for a short period of time but will ultimately be followed by a crash. Instead, it is recommended to supplement the body with healthy foods that can sustain a positive mood. 

Protein – Proteins help regulate the chemicals in the brain linked to thoughts and feelings. Healthy sources of protein include eggs, legumes, lean meat, and whole grains.

Fiber – Fiber controls the rate that sugar is absorbed, preventing a spike in sugar levels. Some good sources of fiber are oats, beans, and nuts.

Fat – Given that the brain is 60% fat, it is critical to replenish with healthy fats from foods like fish and avocados. 

Our final tip is to stay hydrated. Water can work wonders in keeping your body feeling energetic and your brain feeling focused. While other drinks besides water can hydrate, caffeine should be consumed with caution as too much can make your body feel anxious and jittery. 

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules for what dietary choices need to be made, we hope these tips help you be more aware of the foods you are fueling your body with!