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Hump Day Motivation

Hump Day Motivation

In todays day & age life moves FAST. What I mean by that is, most of us focus on what we are doing tomorrow, and how we are going to GET BY the day. Sometimes we need a reminder to put things into perspective. It is time for some hump day motivation.

How many times have we all woke up for an early 8:00 AM work day and thought, “I am dreading work today” or the classic “I hate mondays”. I want to put life into perspective and take a step back for a minute. Every day is a blessing, and if you woke up today then you are already WINNING. If you took your first step out of bed this morning, then you are already WINNING. If you could see yourself in the morning brushing your teeth in the mirror, you are already WINNING. Do you see where I am going with this? If you wake up already dreading the day with a negative outlook, you are already putting yourself in the position to fail.

In sports, coaches used to drill our heads with “win the day”, do not go through practice “surviving the day”. What they meant by that was, do not just try to GET BY practice just to wait for the relief of the coach to end practice. Instead, win the day by enjoying each moment you have during practice and look forward to trying to get better.

My advice is to wake up everyday to be grateful for the opportunity to Win the day. Do not live day to day with “surviving” through each day just to get the relief when the clock strikes 5:00 PM and you can start your trek back home.

How do you win the day?

  1. Wake up 30–45 minutes earlier than you typically do and take the time to envision what you have to accomplish for the day.
  2. Practice focusing on POSITIVE OUTLOOKS. Stop stressing over the negative down points during the day.
  3. Open your eyes. Look at the small beauties of each day. Example, the beauty of a sunny day, the tranquility of a rainy day, or even seeing strangers opening doors of others.
  4. Start changing your diet by eating healthier. This will help your mental & physical state.
  5. Finish the day by feeling accomplished you WON your first day.

Win the day my friends..