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Blog/Low Carb Diets   — Do They Work?

Fact vs Fiction


Low Carb Diets   — Do They Work?

Low Carb Diets   — Do They Work?

With summer just around the bend, you might be looking for a way to get that perfect beach body. This might mean you’ve already started cutting down on your calorie intake. Isn’t a great diet all about limiting calorie intake?

It is! But the reduced calorie intake has to be backed by an effective calorie burning measure. This combination is what will help you get the body you’ve always wanted. So what’s all the craze for the low carb diet?

Since a low carb diet is expected to work so well, it’s worth investigating these claims. So let’s start with some of the benefits of this much deliberated diet.

Pros of Low Carb Diet

Giving up bread and pasta might not be your idea of a great diet but if you commit to a low carb diet, that’s a sacrifice you would have to make. But don’t worry. You can still consume some tasty foods including butter, cream and steaks.

When you cut off your carb intake, you rely on other food elements. So, the top of the list position is taken by proteins then. The less carbs you consume, the greater the need to increase your protein intake. The best thing about proteins is that they keep you feeling fuller for longer. So there goes your worry about snack breaks.

Studies conducted on low carb diets have proved that they improve blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity. These aren’t just the claims that some famous food blogger makes. These have been proven by scientific studies too. People who restrict saturated fat as a part of their low carb diet have also experienced improvement in their cholesterol levels.

So now you might be thinking that low carb diets have an array of benefits and could be the diet plan you’ve always wanted for yourself. Before you make a decision, it’s important to take a look at the other side too.

Low Carbs = Low Energy

Carbs are eventually broken by the body and turns into glucose. This element provides us with all the energy we need to carry out our day-to-day activities. This means that carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet. So when this vital part is taken out of the diet, it’s no surprise that the body will suffer.

With low glucose levels, we can get lethargic and the brain doesn’t get the energy needed to operate. Your ability to concentrate is significantly affected and you can also experience dizziness.

Now that you know the secret behind low carb diets, let go of the calorie count meter and concentrate more on healthy eating. Low carb diets can be the ultimate solution you’re looking for but they have their fair share of risks.

The best thing to do?

Follow a diet plan that promotes healthy eating in moderation. That’s the best way to lose weight!

Stay Dieting my friends….