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Nutre Food ETHOS..Our Integrity

Nutre Food ETHOS..Our Integrity

Our food ethos is pretty simple. We believe in simple & clean ingredients. We do not beleive in "over-flavoring", or "fake health". What we mean by "fake health", is promoting to be healthy when in reality the product is not healthy at all. I am sure you are familiar with companies who promote "fake health", we are most certainly NOT one of them. Now that is out of the way, let me present to you Nutre Food ETHOS:

  1. No Butter-Negative side effects of butter include obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.
  2. Clean Oils- Olive oil is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats. Contains a large amount of antioxidant which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are protective against heart disease.
  3. Anti-Biotic Free Meats- Antibiotic resistance is a global health concern that results in strains of bacteria that do not respond to standard antibiotic treatment. That can result in severe-life threatening illnesses
  4. No Canola Oil- Summary aside from vitamin E and K, Canola Oil is not good source of nutrients. Canola oil may contain small amounts of trans fats which is harmful to your health
  5. No Soy- Evidence from animal studies suggests that it may be linked to breast cancer, poor thyroid function and interference with male hormones
  6. No Sugar Added- The only sugar you will find in our meals are natural from the ingredients. Meaning if there is sugar traces in the fruit we use, but we do not add any sugar to our recipes.
  7. Grade A Poultry- We purchase nothing but grade A Poultry through out distributors.
  8. Whole Food Focused- The benefits of whole foods or minimally processed diet include lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. We tend to utilize nitrious whole food meals
  9. Anti-Inflammatory Focused- There’s plenty of research showing the negative effects of inflammation. It’s associated with health issues such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Obesity. It’s also been linked with an increased risk of cancer with those eating pro-inflammatory foods (such as refined carbohydrates and red meat) at twice the risk of developing the cancer, according to a June 2019 study published in Nutrients. We use ingredients like mushrooms, berries, rich fruits, green vegetables, tumeric, olive oil etc.

No Fake Health here at Nutre Meal Plans...