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Blog/Nutre Food Safety Procedures!

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Nutre Food Safety Procedures!


One of the main things that sets Nutre aside from other vendors is the safety of our meal prepping process. One of our main focuses is the quality of our food and in order to have the freshest food possible, the process must be safe.  

Nutre is an FDA approved facility. To receive FDA approval, manufacturers must demonstrate with sufficient, valid scientific evidence that there is a reasonable assurance that the devices are safe and effective for their intended uses. We went through a thorough registration process in order to receive this reputable certification. 

Nutres food is made fresh on site at our warehouse located in Peabody Massachusetts. All of our ingredients are fresh and never frozen. The meals are packaged immediately and kept in a temperature controlled room. 

The meals are packaged using a process called cold chain packaging. Cold chain packaging is used for shipping temperature-sensitive materials. This process keeps your valuable products within their required temperature range during transit. The quality of food degrades with time since they maintain chemical reactions, which can be mostly mitigated with lower temperatures. It takes time and coordination to move a shipment efficiently, and every delay can have negative consequences to the product. Using cold chain packaging allows the food to remain fresh during transit as well as up to a week in your fridge. The cold chain process also acts as a natural preservative allowing us to keep all preservatives out of our meals. The meals are also vacuum sealed meaning that no oxygen gets in the meals keeping them fresh. 

The meals are then packaged in either a reusable bag with ice packs or an insulated box where meals are kept at temperature control and are safe in the bag for up to 12 hours.