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Blog/Nutre: Fuelling The Boston Marathon


Nutre: Fuelling The Boston Marathon


Boston is the home of arguably the most famous marathon in the world.

It’s also the home of Nutre Meal Plans, and where our story began. Our goal as a meal prep business is to make eating healthy, nutritious meals easier and more accessible. Entrants to this, the 125th Boston Marathon, share core values with Nutre: strength, health, determination and care for the community. 

Each entrant to the Boston Marathon makes a commitment to being their best self, long before they have even qualified to compete in the race. Every runner must dedicate hours of their time to train their body and mind to tackle the 26 mile and 385 yard distance, and then run a qualifying race before their entry into the iconic marathon is even confirmed. 

Those participating in the Boston Marathon aren’t just physically fit and strong, but mentally too. One of the top motivators for entrants is the chosen charity they’re running for, with every participant required to raise a minimum of $5000. Since the marathon’s inception in 1989 over $400 million has been donated to charity.  

How Does Nutre Meal Plans Fuel Runners?

We Supply Mental Power

Runners, especially those in training for the Boston Marathon, require a lot of mental power. It helps them get up and go, to keep their body moving, and stay motivated even on the toughest days. Our Nutre Meals are available in healthy and delicious ranges to suit your individual needs, and are all made from the very best locally sourced ingredients. 

Items such as our prebiotic rich overnight oats, from our breakfast selection, will supply your body with slow releasing energy to get you moving no matter how early your training schedule kicks you out of bed. 

We Deliver Physical Strength

Your Nutre meal plan delivery will land fresh on your doorstep, with your chosen selection of foods ready to supply your body with everything it needs to build muscle and power your workouts. Training should not end on the track, it needs to filter into every aspect of your life - including what you eat. Nutrient-rich foods will nourish your body, fuelling it before a workout and helping it to recover afterwards. 

Ordering a Nutre Meal Plan delivery will not just supply mental energy (as explained above) but free up the energy you would otherwise have to use to create grocery lists, shop, and prepare your meals in the kitchen. With our selection of balanced healthy meals, deciding what to eat couldn’t be easier. 

All of our meals are cohesively labelled with information on the amount of protein, carbs, fat, fiber and calories included. Each also lists whether it is suited for plant-based diets, diabetics, gluten intolerances etc. 

We Free Up Time

Time is of the essence when training in any form, let alone for the Boston Marathon. Athletes have six hours to reach the finish line on the day, but prior to that will spend months running up to 70 hours per week to get marathon-ready. It’s a time consuming challenge - one that Nutre can help with. Our meal service not only relinquishes the mental effort needed to shop, and think about what to eat, but all of the time spent doing it too. All of the time freed up by using our food prep service will allow you to put more effort into the area of your life that matters the most: running. 

Options to add general groceries onto your meal plan delivery are also available, the ultimate time-saver of not having to visit a grocery store. We source all of our ingredients and groceries locally, using only the finest products and suppliers. 

Are you ready to be Boston Strong?

If the Boston Marathon on October 11 pushes you to start training for next year, let us help you to become your very best mentally and physically with fresh, healthy meals delivered to your door. Try a weekly plan for as little as $9.99, no commitments and no pressure.