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Blog/Quick Fixed Diets, Do They Work?


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Quick Fixed Diets, Do They Work?

Quick Fixed Diets, Do They Work?

You have an important event coming up soon and the next goal on your list is losing some weight. You’ve always been in great shape until recently and the numbers on the weighing scales have finally started bothering you.

That’s it! It’s time to get your life back in control and regain the confidence you had.

For many people, sudden weight gain is an issue, which they then try to resolve with a quick fix. You heard one of your friend achieved great results with a fad diet and now you’re all about it. Sorry to burst your bubble but you might eventually end up disappointed.

Cons of Quick Fix Diets

Most quick fix diets tell you how a specific food group is harming your body and making you gain all the weight. As a result, you are tempted to give it up. By doing that, you are inadvertently depriving your body of the essential elements it needs to function properly. You might lose weight but is it the right kind of weight your body can afford to lose? In fact your body loses muscle mass and water not weight.

Quick fix diets are great at helping you lose weight. But then, the same rate at which you lost weight, it returns back too. This element has given these diets the name, yo-yo diets. This pattern is not only dangerous for your health but it also impacts your psychological health. The constant loss and gain of weight can eventually disappoint you in your body’s ability to maintain a specific rate. This is one of the biggest reason some people stop trying to get in shape. They have the perception that the lost weight will eventually return again so what’s the use.

Eating disorders are common among people who opt for quick fix diets. In their attempts to lose weight quickly, they almost starve themselves. By taking up unhealthy ways to lose weight, people can develop unhealthy eating habits. Needless to say, these habits have an impact on their psychological health and that’s where eating disorders are derived from. These mental health issues are what promote eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Even pre-teens have been caught in the web of quick fix diets!

It’s important to realize that you need to take care of your body. By withholding essential food elements, you can’t force your body to lose weight in a healthy manner. Quick fix diets might show drastic results in the beginning but that can change soon as nutrition deficiency follows. So give up on these shady diets and take on a diet plan that focus more on a healthy and balanced diet. Lose weight the right way!

Eat Healthy the RIGHT way my friends…