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Blog/Staying Fit During The Winter


Tips and Tricks!

Staying Fit During The Winter

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Staying Healthy and Fit During the Winter

During the cold, winter months, it can be difficult to stay motivated and stick to goals. Between shorter days and a busy holiday season, there are plenty of excuses to neglect the routines you’ve created but following these tips can help you stay healthy and fit through the winter!

Watch out for carbs – “comfort foods” are more than just an expression. The body craves carbs which boost serotonin levels giving off feelings of happiness to the brain. You can combat this by sticking to protein rich meals for your body to feel full, making it less likely to binge on carbs. 

Build immunity through foods – choose green and orange fruits and vegetables, which are particularly full of healthy nutrients and fats. Additionally, fiber rich foods like apples, oats, and nuts strengthen the immune system.

Keep germs away – getting sick just might be the worst part of the winter. Be sure to wash your hands regularly to keep bacteria at bay. Additionally, things like changing your sheets more often and replacing your toothbrush can keep germs away. 

Get creative with exercise – while the cold may make prevent you from being outside, there are countless ways to maintain your exercise schedule indoors. Winter is a great time to join classes or visit an indoor pool. It could help to plan the days that you exercise ahead of time so that it’s already included in your schedule making sure you go through with it.

Sit less – even if you aren’t able to exercise as much as you’d like to, try to find ways to make your days more active like using a standing desk at work or jogging in place while watching tv. Even going for a quick walk outside during a break can help in the long run.

Fight the winter slump with these steps to keep you healthy and active all winter long!