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Blog/Supercharge Your Metabolism with- These “Elite” Healthy Snacks


Supercharge Your Metabolism with- These “Elite” Healthy Snacks

Supercharge Your Metabolism with- These “Elite” Healthy Snacks

Keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle can be a struggle, but one thing that shouldn’t be a struggle is keeping up your metabolism. Constantly adapting to changes in your daily schedule requires a heightened awareness about what you eat and when, but to keep your metabolism continually running, experts recommend eating every 2–3 hours at minimum. So, what should you eat in between the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Snacks to the rescue! But walk into a supermarket and you can find snacks in virtually every aisle, and many of those snacks aren’t as nutritionally friendly as you might first assume.

Which ones are the healthiest among them all? Here are a few of our favorite healthy snacks for keeping energy levels high throughout the day while avoiding the temptation to reach for that Snickers bar.

Kale Chips

Salty snacks are usually loaded with oils and calories. However, everyone’s favorite trending food can help satiate your salty food craving without all the extra fat. Kale chips are the trendiest portable snack popular for those who usually can’t resist potato chips. They’re loaded with benefits including tons of vitamin C, A and K, and you can even make your own at home inexpensively. You’ll feel full and satisfied after just a few handfuls!


Nuts are a healthy snack that never goes out of style. They’re a reliable source of healthy fats that have been shown to benefit nutrition. However, if you’re conscious about the fat content, stick with almonds, walnuts, and pistachios which are lower in fat compared to others. Those are some of our favorite options!

Brown Rice

Although it’s not your typical snacking choice, brown rice is incredibly rich in nutrients and a great afternoon pick-me-up. Try snacking on brown rice the same way you’d enjoy nuts: measure out a serving in advance and dig in mid-morning or afternoon when those hanger pangs kick in.

Cheese and Apricot mix

Sweet and salty are the perfect match. In lieu of a typical PB&J, try apricots and cheese. This snack is packed with proteins and carbs to hit those hunger cravings, without all the added sugar from jelly. Grab a few wedges of Gouda or white cheddar along with a handful of dried apricots and you’re good to go.

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup, a veritable classic, is best enjoyed as naturally as possible. Avoid the powder packets since processed foods typically contain higher levels of sodium. Top it off with a dollop of low-fat sour cream and it’ll bring you back to your childhood.

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

What about peanut butter? Widely known as a quick go-to that’s rich in protein and good fat, peanut butter is an intergenerational snack that pleases the palettes of all. But instead of taking the high-carb route of bread, replace bread with a seasonal apple of your choice. Are you looking for a snack that you can take on-the-go? Apple slices and peanut butter in a travel container are great options for the office or a weekend hike.


Who says cereal is only good for breakfast? Cereal is available in endless varieties that can satisfy that afternoon craving for crunch. However, be cautious of cereals covered in sugar or artificial flavorings. Oatmeal, or other types of hot cereal, are also a great option. Add some berries, almonds, or bananas for a customizable treat.

Stay Snacking my friends..

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