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Blog/What is the difference between Nutre Balance meals & weight loss meals?

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What is the difference between Nutre Balance meals & weight loss meals?

What is the difference between Nutre Balance meals & weight loss meals?

Here at Nutre we have three categories of meals, balanced, weight loss, and bulk. By the naked eye, you may not see the difference at first glance but there is a purpose and major differences between the three categories.

Weight loss meals: Our weight loss meals are typically boiled down to two components, protein and veggies. These meals are made for losing weight under a low calorie, low carb, and high protein diet. All of these meals are under net 30 carbs, and have 0 starch. These meals are considered to be clean and lean. We recommend these meals to anyone looking to eat sustainably healthy and lose weight. They come in two sizes, medium and large. If you are over 220 pounds, we would suggest starting off with large portions, then working your way down to the medium sizes. The difference between medium and large is the large is 50% more portions than the medium. 6 oz of protein instead of 4 oz of protein (medium size). If you are strict with these meals, you should be able to lose weight by the portion control and nutritional values alone.


Balanced meals: Balanced meals have more than 30 net carbs because there is typically a starch component. These meals are good for active gym goers who need more carbs because they are burning more throughout the day. These meals are great for maintenance, and building muscle. If you are looking to align a nutritious diet with a 3-5 day a week gym routine, this would be your best bet. Typically athletes & CrossFit goers chose these menu selections. This menu was also helped curated by Lahey Clinic's dietitians to fit the guidelines of a well-plated diet.

Bulk Menu: Our bulk menu is clean and simple. We will be expanding this menu over the next few months! We offer cooked 1 pound proteins & veggies! We will soon be offering half pound cooked proteins as well. These menu items are PERFECT for particular macro counters, and competitors. If you are a physique competitor and need to have lean protein to fit a specific macro value per day, this is your best bet. It also is great for the KETO diet. A lot of clients will use these menu options then add their fat content at home to make these meals KETO friendly. These menu items are as lean as you can get.

If you ever need recommendation on which meals you should be ordering, be sure to email us at [email protected]!