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Blog/Why Meal Prep?

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Why Meal Prep?

Why Meal Prep?

The unfortunate truth now-a-days is that most people just can not cook OR don’t have the time to. Because of that, meal prep & meal kit companies have been popping up to fill the void. We live in a world where convenience & value is the #1 priority. This seems to be true across almost all ages. Imagine a 23 year-old college grad living in southie spending time to grocery shop (assuming they can find the store), and then taking the time to prepare and cook meals for themselves. Or how about a 35 year old electrician who buys a breakfast sandwich with their coffee every morning and a sub or slice for lunch every day. Who wants to prep breakfast & lunch the night before after putting in 12 hours on the job? The solution?… Meal Prep.

What is “Meal Prep”? Meal prep is an easy way to say fully prepared & perfectly portioned healthy meals for you to store in your fridge and heat-n-eat throughout the week. Sounds too good to be true? Here are some of the reasons your friends and family are using Nutre Meal Plans for their meal prep.

  • Value: Cha-ching. The question on everyone’s mind, how much? The simple answer: anywhere from $7 to $10 per meal. Reasonable right? We know… Especially when comparing that to ordering take out 3–4 times a week or going out to dinner just once. I can honestly say, since using Nutre for my meal prep, I have been saving money hand over fist AND losing weight/feeling better.
  • Convenience: Can anything be more convenient? Once a week, a beautiful insulated box, with ice-packs is delivered right to your door with all the meals you need for the week inside. All you need to do is put those meals in your fridge. When you are hungry, grab one, nuke it and eat it!
  • Waste: No waste here. No left over onions from your stir-fry or left over tomatoes from your caprese salad. Just eat what you buy with no waste.
  • Focus: We live in a fast paced environment. Having your meals prepped is one less thing to worry about during the day. The 1–2 hour discussion with your colleagues on “where are we ordering for lunch” is now GONE.
  • Positivity: If you eat good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you win. Period
  • Scheduling: One thing that makes Nutre unique, is that we sell breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. All designed to be eaten on schedule to maximise positive results. This helps you stay on task and look forward to your next meal.