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Blog/Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing — Unhealthy Food that Looks Healthy


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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing — Unhealthy Food that Looks Healthy

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing — Unhealthy Food that Looks Healthy

When looking to change your unhealthy lifestyle, it’s important to include the right food in your diet. A balanced diet can do wonders for a healthy mind and body. If a healthy lifestyle is your ultimate goal, then your diet will make up a great part of this change in your life.

Without proper guidance, it’s common for people to get side tracked. Most of them get their information from the internet. And although internet is a goldmine of information, all of it can’t be trusted. That’s why people get confused.

There is lots of food that seemingly looks healthy but is not. So how can an average person tell the difference?

The answer is simple.

This blog will help you determine the nutrient quality levels of seemingly healthy foods. Now you’ll have the right information, which you can use to make well-informed eating decisions.

Energy Bars

In the hopes of getting their dream body, many gym goers stack up on energy bars. Even protein bars are not the beacon of nutrients that you thought them to be. The sugar content, calorie count and other ingredients take away the health element from these bars. So the next time you feel like crunching up a protein bar, make sure you give it a second thought.

Dried Fruit

Fruit! How can it be anything but healthy? You’re right. But here we’re talking about dried fruit. The processed food is preserved using sulfur dioxide and that’s not healthy at all. For some dried fruits, sugar is added to the contents to preserve the taste. Even though you might get lots of minerals and vitamins, you are also getting the unhealthy stuff.

Sports Drinks

Many gym goers love to replenish their energy with a cold bottle of energy drink. Of course the dose of electrolytes is enough to charge you up.

Stop! The electrolytes that you get from energy drinks are naturally added in coconut water and bananas. These sports drink are nothing more than sugar water and artificial flavors. Needless to say, you should switch over to some natural alternatives and give up sports drinks.

The same goes for diet sodas. Don’t let the word ‘diet’ fool you into a sense of false security. They have a high level of artificial sweeteners that increase the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Skim Milk

The low-fat milk may have low levels of fat but the process it goes through also strips off some essential elements. The flavor and taste is compromised too. But the worst thing of all is that synthetic vitamins are added to make up for the lost nutrients.

None of these ‘healthy’ foods are healthy after all. So beware and opt for nutrient-filled alternatives. Don’t let the misleading labels fool. Go for the right choices and give healthy a chance

Be aware my friends…