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Blog/The Nutre Meal Packages Explained

Nutre Packages

The Nutre Meal Packages Explained


At GoNutre we try to cater for all lifestyles, food allergies and preferences. Our aim is for all of our food items to be clearly labelled, to make your ordering process even easier. 

We label each of our Nutre Meal Plans as either: Balance, Weight Loss, or Plant Based. This information is shown over the image of the meal, in order for the selection process to be straightforward. 

Each meal plan is designed to help you easily reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. When you place your meal plan order you aren’t tied down to sticking with your chosen meal package, and can freely mix and match between the different categories - great if you’re a flexitarian and enjoy a mixture of plant based and meaty meals. 

To find out more about the different food packages that we offer, read more below: 

Balance - no matter what your goals are, eating a balanced diet is crucial. A balanced diet supplies your body with the nutrients it needs to work effectively. Eating a balanced diet means eating a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates (including starches and fiber), protein, and healthy fats throughout the day. 

In order to fill each meal with the nutrients that you need it is recommended by the USDA to portion your plate as follows: fill half your plate with fruits/vegetables, fill just over one quarter with grains, fill just under one quarter with protein rich foods and add dairy on the side (or a non dairy replacement). 

Our Balance Meals are designed by nutritionists to be nutrient rich, well-portioned, and filling. You can find Balance options in our breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Bulk portions of GoNutre’s chef-cooked food items can also be purchased along with your meal order, so you can create your own balanced meal prep dishes at home. 

Weight Loss - for those needing to shed a few pounds, the GoNutre Weight Loss range makes calorie counting incredibly easy. Each recipe is clearly labelled, simply select the image and be shown a full run-down of the calorie, fat, sodium, carb, fiber, sugar and protein levels. 

The Nutre Meal Plan recipes are as transparent and easy to read and navigate as possible, because dieting should not be stressful. For those with allergies we use icons to flag meals which may contain nuts, and clearly label each gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, low sodium and diabetic friendly meal. 

Most of our Weight Loss Meal options are less than 500 calories, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bulk buying meal prep portions. 

Plant Based - our plant based meals are a great option for vegans, those with dairy/lactose allergies and intolerances, and all who simply love vegetables. A plant based diet is typically enjoyed by vegans, but our tasty plant based recipes can be enjoyed by all. Meals are created with foods that come from plants, with few or no ingredients that come from animals. Recipes will contain lots of vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits. 

A plant based diet may sound restrictive, but there are lots of delicious recipes that use no animal products at all. Many popular dishes can be adapted to be plant based with a few simple swaps, using dairy-free products for example. 

At GoNutre we are always refreshing our menu, which includes a selection of plant based breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, as well as bulk buying options for preparing plant based meals at home. 

Diabetic Friendly - our meal prep journey began by preparing meals for our diabetic father, we soon learned the impact and importance of eating right. All of our diabetic friendly meals contain under 500mg sodium and under 30 carbs. 

Look for the symbol of a heart on our menu items. 

GoNutre also delivers meals that cater to Low Sodium, Gluten Free and Dairy Free diets. 

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