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Blog/What To Eat (And Not Eat) For Better Sleep


Tips and Tricks!

What To Eat (And Not Eat) For Better Sleep


There’s no worse feeling than going to bed after a long day and not being able to fall asleep. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, but diet plays a huge role in either keeping you up at night or helping you fall asleep. Keep reading for some of our tips for foods to eat and stay away from before going to sleep. 

Foods To Eat

Cherries – cherries are a great source of melatonin which is the chemical that regulates the body’s internal rhythm and can help create a regular sleeping routine. 

Bananas – the potassium found in bananas also helps produce melatonin which in turn relaxes muscles and nerves. 

Herbal Tea – chamomile, mint, ginger, and valerian are all good options to relax before heading to bed. 

Almonds – almonds have calming properties which can help steady your heart rhythm and feel calmer.

Foods To Avoid

Wine – a common misconception is that alcohol makes you sleep better. While it does help your body relax, alcohol will likely keep you awake throughout the night. 

Caffeine – this goes without saying, but caffeine stimulates the body instead of helping it relax. Try staying away from coffee, black tea, and chocolate in the evening. 

Acidic Foods – things with high acid content like orange juice, tomatoes, and some dairy products can cause acid reflux and keep you awake at night. 

Spicy Foods – spicy foods or even foods with a lot of spice (like curry) can take a while to digest and cause heartburn.

While it is not recommended to eat before sleeping, be mindful of the foods you eat leading up to going to sleep and see if they make a difference!