Find Out How You Can get Directly Involved with our "Feeding Hero's" Donation Initiative

Join Nutre Meals, Toscana Ristorante & Members of the New England Patriots in feeding nurses and doctors throughout the greater Boston & New England area during this difficult time. Remember, our health care workers are people too - and have lives outside of work. With all the long hours and tremendous amount of stress & responsibility on their shoulders, the last thing they have time to do is cook lunch or dinner for their families.

Lets help them by giving them the gift of healthy, nutritious & fully-prepared meals. Our goal is to donate thousands of fresh & tasty meals directly to the front lines of this disaster each week. Follow our journey on Instagram & Facebook and be rest assured that your hard earned dollars will go to help those who are helping us.

Angelo, Lucio & Valentino Perrina Co-Funders of Nutre Meals & Toscana Ristorante

Join our cause and help donate

Option 1

Purchase any amount of meals for $10 each ($20 minimum) and we will match every meal you purchase 1 for 1.

So purchase 10 meals for $100 and we will donate 10 additional meals - so your $100 will send 20 meals directly to local health care workers and their families in this time of need!

(this is a 1 time purchase - not monthly)

Option 2

Chose any meal plan, and we will donate 2 meals for every meal plan purchased to a local health care worker & their families!

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Press Release

Thanks again for your generosity and providing meals for the staff today. The staff enjoyed them and appreciated the variety of meals.


I can’t thank you enough for the meals. All the nurses and staff couldn’t be more appreciative.


The variety of meals have been great and all the staff that worked the over night were pleasantly surprised to find all those meals waiting for them!


Sometimes, being a nurse feels like a thankless job- but this has shown us that people are thinking of us and thankful for the work we are doing. Thank you so much!


We’d love to keep this program going for as long as we can! Keep it coming! Thank you so much


We are proud to be supporting the following Hospitals

Beth Israel Lahey Health
Lowell General Hospital
Mount Auburn Hospital
Lawerence General Hospital
Cambridge Health Alliance

Here are some of the volunteers

Here are 8 athletes that are helping lead the way and committed donations

JC Jackson
New England Patriots JC Jackson #27
Joejuan Williams
New England Patriots Joejuan Williams #33
Keinota Davis
New England Patriots Keionta Davis #58
Shaq Mason
New England Patriots Shaq Mason #69
Jonathan Jones
New England Patriots Jonathan Jones #31
David Andrews
New England Patriots David Andrews #60
Jake Debrusk
Boston Bruins Jake Debrusk #74
Nkeal Harry
New England Patriots Nkeal Harry #15

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